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Our Favorite Dishes From Lemon Week

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For those who have a deep love of lemons like we do...

We just had our first ever week dedicated to our all-time favorite citrus fruit, lemons! We shared with you our favorite recipes and even some great tips (head to our Instagram Reels if you missed those) about how to use your lemons. Keep scrolling to get everything you may have missed! 

Three Ingredient Baked Salmon — Everyone loves this salmon in Camila’s house and with just (4) ingredients, it is sure to become one of the easiest recipes you will make in your home. If there are any leftovers, this tastes great the next day cold with a salad for lunch. GET THE RECIPE HERE! 


Halibut Meunière — We love a good fish recipe and this one doesn’t disappoint! There is a reason that cooking fish à la meunière is such a popular method … It’s quick, easy, and perfect for a light fish like a halibut. What makes a fish ‘à la meunière’ is that it is dusted with flour, and sautéed using butter, lemon and parsley. It’s a classic French way to prepare fish! GET THE RECIPE HERE! 

Lemon Ginger Chicken Sheet Pan — You know we love a sheet pan or one pot recipe here at WOT and this one for Lemon Ginger Chicken Sheet Pan is no exception! Hello no clean-up! You can whip this recipe up the day of, or you can marinade the chicken in the morning or night before to pack in even more flavor. GET THE RECIPE HERE! 

Lemon Chicken + Vegetable One-Pot Meal — This dish turned out to be a total winner! It’s a great meal and packed with a lot of flavors. It is also really easy to prepare (yay) and you might find you have a lot of the ingredients already in your kitchen! GET THE RECIPE HERE! 

Lemon Glazed Chicken — One of Camila’s go-to dishes, this easy recipe is loved by everyone! She also makes it for quick and easy dinner parties. GET THE RECIPE HERE! 

Lemon Rosemary Olive Oil Cake — This cake has subtle sweetness combined with the savory flavors of olive oil and rosemary that come together to create one seriously light and delicious dessert! We love that this recipe can also easily be made gluten free (see recipe for instructions). GET THE RECIPE HERE! 

How to Make You Lemons Last Longer — Lemons are a household staple because of their versatility — They can be used in anything from salad to desserts to cocktails! But we have learned that if you store your lemons on the countertop (like we always have), you are not getting the longest life out of your lemons. FIND OUT HOW TO MAKE THEM LAST HERE! 



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by Camila Alves McConaughey