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Our New Years Eve Menu

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The holidays aren’t quite over yet…

To celebrate the start of 2024 we are sharing with you four delicious ways to greet the new year. Whether you are planning a cozy night at home, throwing a dinner, or heading to a bash with friends, these recipes are perfect for saying hello to 2024. 

Bacon Burger Bites: These savory Bacon Burger Bites combine a delicious bacon burger with bite-sized convenience, making them the perfect appetizer for your New Year’s Eve celebration! GET THE RECIPE HERE

Baked Feta Phyllo Bites: Greek-style feta, a hint of herbs, and a touch of fresh cracked black pepper, all nestled within layers of golden phyllo pastry. GET THE RECIPE HERE

Skillet Lasagna: Whether it’s a cozy family dinner or a festive gathering with friends, our skillet lasagna is the perfect meal this holiday season! Picture layers of rich, flavorful pasta and cheese goodness, expertly crafted and simmered to perfection. GET THE RECIPE HERE

Classic (little dirty) Martini: One of the most sophisticated and timeless ways to enjoy a libation, the martini is universal.  When it comes to cocktails, there really isn’t anything as iconic as the martini either (James Bond will agree). GET THE RECIPE HERE



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by Camila Alves McConaughey