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The Art of Eyebrow Threading

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When it comes to grooming our eyebrows, there are various methods to choose from, each with its own benefits and drawbacks.

One way of grooming brows that has gained popularity in recent years (and happens to be Camila’s favorite method) is threading. Today we are diving into exactly what threading is, and we’re speaking to Camila’s go-to brow expert, Marco Ochoa of Eco Brow.

So first, let’s talk about WOT threading is exactly: Eyebrow threading is the process of removing eyebrow hair using a piece of thread. A technician will hold a piece of thread between their hands, occasionally with one end in their teeth, and twist it. They’ll then hold the end of the twist over the section of hair you want removed and move the thread in a swift motion. The twisting motion traps hairs between the threads and lifts them out whole.

WOT Camila has to say about Threading: Eyebrows…Eyebrows… I never knew how important they were until someone messed mine up badly, and my whole face changed. For the last 15 years, Marco has been doing my brows, and he’s explaining to you what threading is, a technique I was first introduced to while living in Israel and working as a model 25 years ago!

You know, a couple of things I learned about brows is that no matter how good the specialist is, you have to over-communicate what you like and don’t! Take a moment to pause in between, and do it less first, as you can always take more hair out during your appointment but not put it back in!! Even with Marco, after 15 years together, I still pause, check, and take baby steps!! He will tell you!! And age or hormone changes, I have found that has changed how full or how fast mine have grown, so I let mine get overgrown as much as I can, then shape it so it keeps it healthy, if you know what I mean… sometimes not overdoing it can be the secret!

We were lucky enough to speak with Marco, Camila’s favorite threading expert at Eco Brow, who gave us some insights into the threading process.

What is the threading process, and how long does it typically take?

The threading process is a relatively painless procedure where a thread spool is used to remove facial hair by twisting the cotton thread between the hands and gently rolling it on the skin removing hair in the process. It is mostly used to shape and define the eyebrows. Eyebrow shaping can take anywhere from 20-30 mins depending how full the brows are.

Are there any specific benefits of threading over other methods of eyebrow grooming?

Threading is usually recommended by dermatologists since it is not aggressive to the skin. People with sensitive skin prefer this method of hair removal over waxing. Also, you can get precise when shaping eyebrows from removing one hair at a time or multiple hairs to get clean and defined lines.

What are some common aftercare tips for threaded eyebrows?

Post-threading aftercare is relatively simple. Marco recommends applying a cold ice pack or aloe vera gel to soothe the skin in the treated area. This can help reduce any redness or mild irritation that may occur. It is also important to avoid touching or rubbing the threaded eyebrows immediately after the procedure to prevent any potential infections. Additionally, refraining from applying makeup or exposing the treated area to excessive heat or sunlight is advisable for a day or two.

How often should you get your eyebrows threaded?

Anywhere from 4-6 weeks is recommended before you get your eyebrows shaped again.

Can threading help achieve a specific eyebrow shape or style?

Absolutely, you can get really precise when it comes to eyebrow threading. This is where the consultation comes in to discuss any concerns or expectations one might have before beginning the shaping process.  Of course, we look at the facial features and determine a specific brow shape or style depending on how full or sparse the brow hair is, we go from there. Always keeping in mind that eyebrows are sisters and not twins therefore no two eyebrows will ever be exactly the same.

As with any treatment, we advise that you consult with your dermatologist to make sure it is safe for you. If you do decide to try threading, we recommend that you overly communicate your expectations with your technicians.


To learn more, you can visit Eco Brow’s website and be sure to check out their great eyebrow product! You can also follow them on Instagram here.


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by Camila Alves McConaughey