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4 Clever Gardening Hacks

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Gardening may seem a little overwhelming if you weren't born with a green thumb, and we totally get it!

Gardening can also be a very soothing hobby, and even if you are just planting a few small things, we highly recommend it. Cultivating and growing your own food and flowers is a very cool experience!

Today we are sharing with you Four Gardening Hacks that we at WOT have found (and used) that will hopefully help you out this season!

1. Use Coffee Grounds to Keep Pests Away: Use coffee grounds to keep pests like ants, snails, and slugs away. It also benefits acid-loving plants as an effective fertilizer. To use coffee grounds as a fertilizer, sprinkle them thinly onto the soil or add them to your compost pile. PS: coffee grounds can also keep away mosquitos! 

2. Use Cooking Water to Fertilize Plants: When you boil or steam some vegetables on the stovetop, don’t pour the water down the drain. Once the water has cooled, pour this vegetable water into your plants to fertilize them instead of wasting it. You can also do the same with your boiled egg water.

3. Use Citrus-Rind as a Seed Starter: Grapefruit, orange and other citrus rinds are just the right sizes for starting new seedlings. Make a hole in the bottom of each one for drainage and add some damp seed-starting mix and seeds. Then, when it’s time to move them outside, plant the whole rind in the ground— peels and all. The citrus rinds make the soil more acidic, however, only do this with acid-loving plants like radishes, peppers and the like.

4. Check Your Grocery Bag for Crops: Fresh basil, celery, onions and romaine can all be started from cuttings you’d normally throw away. Set them in some water and they’ll start to grow all over again! You can then transport them to the garden.


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by Camila Alves McConaughey