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Five of The Easiest Foods To Grow At Home

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Before you think this is going to be hard let us just say that growing your own food doesn't have to take a ton of space or time!

If you are someone who doesn’t have a lot of space for a garden or a ton of time to dedicate to one, then tips are for you! Here are Five of The Easiest Foods To Grow At Home!

Lettuce: This one is very easy. Buy your lettuce from the store and leave the stump of it in a bowl and fill the water up halfway. Once the leaves have regrown for a few days, transfer your stump into your soil and watch it grow!

Celery: Cut off the celery stalks, leaving about an inch or two from the base. Place the base in a bowl of water and leave it where it can get adequate sunlight. As new leaves begin to sprout from the middle, allow it to gain thickness for about a week, and then transfer it into a pot of soil.

Green Onion: Green onions are arguably the easiest and most popular vegetable to regrow. All you have to do is cut them about an inch from the roots and leave them in a glass of water. Literally, that’s it. They will just keep growing!

Leek: Leeks regrow the exact same way that green onions do, although they might take a little longer just because of their size. Leave about two inches of leek from the bottom of the stalk, and it in a bowl of water, and watch it grow!

Basil, Mint and Cilantro: Okay technically three things, but let’s just call these ‘the herbs’. A lot of herbs can easily be regrown. Make sure there are about 2-3 inches of stem. Place the stems upright in a glass of water. When the new roots begin to sprout, transfer the herbs into a pot of soil and let the aroma flourish.


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by Camila Alves McConaughey