What We’re Loving Right Now (Other Than Food)

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Today we are rounding up everything but the kitchen sink!

Usually ones to focus on food, today at WOT we are talking about 8 things that don’t happen to be a recipe. From shopping tips to gardening hacks and homemade beauty regimens… We are covering the stuff we love that takes us beyond the kitchen. Enjoy!


Homemade Body Coffee Scrub — Before you run out and buy an expensive body scrub, you may want to think about making one at home with these 3 simple ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen. GET THE DETAILS HERE! 


4 Clever Gardening Hacks — Gardening can also be a very soothing hobby, and even if you are just planting a few small things, we highly recommend it. Cultivating and growing your own food and flowers is a very cool experience! Today we are sharing with you Four Gardening Hacks that we at WOT have found (and used) that will hopefully help you out this season! GET THE HACKS HERE! 


3 Moisturizing Face Masks We Love — So many face masks, so little time! If you are looking for a quick way to add some moisture to your skin, these three are for you. GET THEM HERE!

3 Tips for Shopping Antiques — Antique shopping can be overwhelming if you don’t have that magic ability to sort through all sorts of things and quickly find the diamond in the rough! After years of antique shopping (and having a natural ability to find treasures), Camila has learned a few foolproof tips that may help you on your next home decor hunt. GET THE TIPS HERE! 

The Gadgets Camila Loves — Camila shares with us her go-to gadgets from Amazon that are actually worth getting and will help simplify your life! SEE WHAT THEY ARE HERE! 


4 Reasons to Add More Vitamin C to Your Diet — Here is the deal: Vitamin C aids in the regeneration of tissues and leads to the enzymatic production of several neurotransmitters, which help in the proper functioning of the body. We are rounding up 4 reasons are you going to want to add vitamin C to your diet ASAP. GET THEM HERE! 



Melissa Wood Talks Lymphatic Drainage + Dry Brushing — We were so excited to have Melissa Wood-Tepperberg here on WOT talking about why she loves lymphatic drainage and dry brushing. Camila and Melissa went LIVE on Instagram and if you missed it, you can check it that video out along with her how-to guide to dry brushing and doing at-home lymphatic drainage. GET THE DETAILS HERE! 

Camila Shares The Key Tips She Learned For Growing Tomatoes! — Camila visited Johnson’s Backyard Garden farm in Texas where she finally got one of her long-awaited gardening questions answered: How do you get a tomato plant to grow?! When she lived in California, it wasn’t very hard because of all the sunshine. But in Texas, it has been a different story. They gave her all the tips and now we are sharing them with you. GET THE TIPS HERE! 


by Camila Alves McConaughey