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Our Favorite Smoothie Recipes

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Smoothies are perfect for those busy days!

If you are short on time in the morning or looking for a quick snack to take on the-the-go, we have you covered! Today, we are sharing four quick and nutritious smoothie recipes you can make in a pinch that will fill you up and boost your energy.

Camila’s Dragon Fruit + Papaya Smoothie Recipes: Camila shared two of her go-to smoothie recipes that are very easy to make. One is made from dragon fruit, and the other with papaya. GET BOTH RECIPES HERE

Cinnamon Bun Protein Shake: Packed with nourishment, this smoothie uses cashew butter to get that rich cinnamon bun taste. GET THE RECIPE HERE

Holy Grail Green Smoothie: The nutrient-packed smoothie has only a few ingredients, takes about five minutes to put together, and is actually filling! GET THE RECIPE HERE


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