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For her birthday this year, Camila opted for no presents and instead honored a very important charity, The Confetti Foundation, by asking YOU to give your support and pledging to match every single donation. Wow, were we blown away by all of your donations! You raised $2,265, which means that thanks to you, 90 children who are fighting for their health in the hospital, or in hospice care, or in pediatric oncology clinics around the country on their birthday are going to be able to get the true celebration they so deserve.  What’s even better? Since Camila said she would match your contributions, now 180 children will benefit directly because of your generosity! Guys, 180 kids now get to have birthday parties because of YOU!!!

So why did we decide to work with The Confetti Foundation?  The Confetti Foundation is a brilliant non-profit that works with hospitals throughout the country to pass out themed party boxes to children who are hospitalized on their birthday. As of January 2019, 5,742 boxes have been packaged and distributed to participating hospitals! Each party box is unique and hand-packaged with a special theme. There are currently more than 100 themes!  The boxes contain party supplies such as a banner, activities, toys, cups, and plates.  More info about the party boxes is available  here.

We chatted with Founder/President/CEO Stephanie Frazier Grimm to get more details on how this organization came to life, why we need to continue doing good for others, the power of female friendship, and why it’s so important to help these children!

The Confetti Foundation was started as a way to make sure that children still felt special on their birthdays, even though they were in the hospital, or in hospice care, or in pediatric oncology clinics. You mentioned that you spent your own 13th birthday in the hospital.  How did that experience impact you?

Being 13 yrs old is hard enough, never mind being hospitalized on your birthday when you are an official teenager! I was sad because having a February 28th birthday, I looked forward to school birthdays. All of my friends they had summer birthdays so they got to have the pool parties, and me, I got to have classroom parties. It was my “thing” and having a sickness (abscess in both kidneys) took that away from me. My hospitalization wasn’t in a children’s hospital, so I wasn’t offered a gift, cake or decorations and being so scared I didn’t want my Mom to leave me so I did not celebrate that year. I know exactly how kids are feeling, no one wants to feel forgotten on their birthday.

How did you come up with the name The Confetti Foundation?

 When I was thinking of the name, I wanted something fun but with purpose. Confetti because it is: fun, unpredictable, surprising, happiness, celebration. Foundation: Because it brings normalcy, familiarity, home, roots.

What are a few of your favorite experiences or memories serving as Founder/CEO/President?

Personally, when I get to throw a party and meet the children and families, that is what keeps me motivated. To see their happiness during a difficult time solidifies all the work that we do. As much as I love a great party, it was also important to me to bring communities together. I wanted to create a platform where celebration was a universal language. From making birthday cards, to making birthday banners, to packing boxes, to polling birthday party themes, to dropping the boxes at the hospital, to corporate team building, to soliciting donations from their local community, it is a movement that brings so much happiness to all involved. I am VERY proud to see the many ways that people want to give back. It brings me so much hope.

How has the foundation grown since it started in 2014?

In January, we celebrated our own 5th birthday! Since launching we have celebrated 5906 birthdays, in 200 hospitals in 47 states! With over 25,000 volunteers! This year we added pediatric oncology clinics and Hospice facilities to our giving, which was very important to me, but we had not had the funding to expand.

What ages are the children you usually deliver the party boxes to? Is there a favorite party theme? 

We currently offer over 100 birthday party themes! The ages are from 1-18 years old. The most request party themes are Mickey Mouse, Paw Patrol, Unicorn, Princess, Video Games, Superheroes, and Art.

You mention that your friendship with your Godson “Baby C”’s mom inspired you to start the journey with this non-profit.  Her son was born premature with many complications. How do you see female friendship as playing an important role in life or in driving one’s individual passions? 

I always say, the best ideas come from being mad! I refused to accept that my Godson could be hospitalized on his birthday with it being the responsibility of my friend to support his party. I love VERY hard on all of my friendships. I am very protective of my friendships and when they are hurt, I am hurt. I am a fixer and a doer. I thrive on fixing anything that brings my friends or family sorrow. We need to lift each other up, share in our accomplishments, be a cheerleader, be a listener, be a fixer, be a healer. We have the power to influence so much, it is our right to make things happen!

More About The Confetti Foundation and How You Can Help: 

The Confetti Foundation’s 2019 goal is to raise enough funds so that they can  supply 2,500 boxes annually and be in all US Children’s Hospitals, pediatric oncology clinics and Hospice facilities. Here are some ways you can help make sure that all sick children continue to be celebrated on their special day!

  • You can become a birthday fairy/hero and connect with your local hospital to distribute birthday party boxes in your area
  • Hold a product drive! Ask friends and family to donate party supplies. Our official wish list is  here.
  • You can make a donation to The Confetti Foundation  here.
  • Hold a fundraiser and have us be the charity of choice! (bake sale, marathon, dress down day etc.)
  • Craft our banners. All DIY Banner info and downloads can be found here.

From Camila and all of us here at Women of Today, thank you all again for your generous support!!

Beijos xx
Women of Today

by Camila Alves McConaughey