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4 Light and Healthy Recipes

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Why wait to chase your summer health goals?

Looking for some light and healthy recipes to help you feel healthy for summer? We’re sharing four ideas to keep you energized and satisfied as you work towards your summer goals!

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Smashed Chickpea Sandwich — This recipe is packed with flavor and a great vegetarian lunch option! It’s already healthy, but if you want to make it even better for you, we suggest using Greek yogurt instead of mayo. GET THE RECIPE HERE

Green Detox Splash — Healthy eating begins as soon as you wake up. It is true that eating breakfast positively affects your health as it kick-starts your metabolism in the morning. This Green Detox Splash smoothie is both delicious and low-calorie! GET THE RECIPE HERE 

Avocado Toast With a Kick — Whether you make this one for breakfast, lunch or even dinner, our Avocado Toast With A Kick just might become one of your new favorite go-to meals to whip up quick. GET THE RECIPE HERE 

Turkey Stuffed Yams — We have filled the yams with healthy scoops of organic ground turkey and chickpeas for a punch of protein which created a complete meal. But really, let this recipe just be your inspiration… Because you can get as custom as you want with these and they are such an easy way to get a very healthy meal in! GET THE RECIPE HERE 



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by Camila Alves McConaughey