Swiss Chard Salad


4 Seasonal Recipes to Try This Spring

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Embrace the flavors of spring with these seasonal recipes!

As we transition into spring, we are focusing on fresh and healthy recipes that feature in season produce like Swiss Chard, spinach, cabbage, and asparagus. Keep scrolling to see four of our favorite seasonal recipes!

Raw Swiss Chard Salad with Cranberries, Almonds, and Feta: This salad is a perfect side dish for any meal.  You can also serve it with a protein, like a grilled chicken breast or a filet of fish, to make it a complete meal. GET THE RECIPE HERE 

Smashed Potatoes with Spinach and Feta: We have elevated this dish by adding the extra flavor and depth with fresh spinach and perfectly tangy feta. Whether eating these as they are or as a side, these will surely be crowd-pleasers! GET THE RECIPE HERE 

Caesar Broccoli and Cabbage Slaw: This recipe has the perfect combination of flavor and texture. With the crunch of the slaw combined with the zesty and creamy salad, you get the perfect bite every time. It’s perfect as a side, or you can make it a meal by adding grilled chicken or a nice piece of salmon on top. GET THE RECIPE HERE 

Roasted Asparagus with Parmigiano-Reggiano: If you haven’t yet paired roasted asparagus with Italian Parmigiano cheese, you are missing out. This wonderful combination of flavors will have even your picky eaters asking for more. GET THE RECIPE HERE 



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by Camila Alves McConaughey