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5 Better For You Desserts We Love

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Let's talk desserts... Because don't we all like to have a sweet treat every once in a while?

Here are Women of Today we are all about eating the things that you love… We just always try to make the unhealthy things that we love a little better for you with some modifications — And desserts are no exception! Today we are sharing with you 5  Better For You Desserts We Love.

Each of these recipes has been modified or created to be healthier and a more guilt-free way to enjoy something sweet.

A Better-For-You Version of Grammy’s Caramel Rolls — We love a good family recipe here at WOT, and when we asked you all to send us your family recipes for Easter, this one from Emily Jilg stood out! BUT, since we love a better-for-you version of anything around here, we asked Emily to create this recipe with some healthier ingredients and what she came up with was amazing. GET THE RECIPE HERE! 

Almond Butter Chocolate Fudge — If you are looking for a great better-for-you dessert then you must try this Almond Butter Chocolate Fudge! It’s easy to prepare, not too sweet and contains no refined sugar. It’s a great dessert to make for a party, a dinner or just to have around the house. GET THE RECIPE HERE! 

Better-For-You Spiced Apple Cider Donuts — Packed with sugar and deep-fried, donuts are usually at the top of the “no-go” list for any healthy eater.  These spiced apple cider donuts are a guilt-free alternative to a Krispy crème — Saving you 8 grams of fat and 7 grams of sugar compared to an Original Glazed, often deemed the healthiest option at the fast-food chain. GET THE RECIPE HERE! 

Healthy S’mores Bars — We sought to find an amazing better-for-you version of this classic summer dessert — That’s why we were delighted when Erin Lives Whole agreed to share with us her recipe for these scrumptious Healthy S’mores Bars! GET THE RECIPE HERE! 

Camila’s Blueberry Banana Nice Cream — It’s that time of year again! Blueberries are fresh and in season and the days are getting warmer! Camila shows us very easy and delicious, better-for-you Blueberry Banana Nice Cream. GET THE RECIPE HERE! 



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by Camila Alves McConaughey