Grilled Veg Platter


Our Favorite Grilled Vegetable Recipes

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This one is for anyone who lives for a good veggie, especially in the summer!

Who says that the grill is only for meat? We love grilling up our vegetables and find that it brings them an entirely new flavor. We are sharing 4 of our favorite ways to grill vegetables that are perfect for this summer!

Easy Grilled Potatoes: Honestly, who doesn’t love potatoes? In the Women of Today Test Kitchen, we are big fans and this week we decided to play around with grilling them. GET THE RECIPE HERE

Chef Ming Tsai’s Ultimate Grill Platter: The combination of savory-sweet teriyaki glaze with these super-star vegetables is an absolute must-add to this summer’s grilling menu. GET THE RECIPE HERE

Grilled Caesar Salad: If you haven’t tried grilling romaine lettuce, then you are seriously missing out and need to make our Grilled Caesar Salad ASAP. Grilling lettuce may sound counterintuitive, but stay with us because this dish is seriously worth making. GET THE RECIPE HERE

The Daily Kale’s Grilled Sweet Potato + Cilantro Lime Crema: Think of these as healthy sweet potato fries, but way, way, better! GET THE RECIPE HERE



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by Camila Alves McConaughey