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The Perfect Valentine’s Day Recipes

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We have your Valentine's Day menu for you and all of your loves!

Valentine’s Day is almost here, and we have got all of the recipes you need to make the day extra special. From breakfast to dessert, we have an entire Valentine’s Day menu that is perfect to share with the ones you love!

First up is a very festive breakfast with Valentine’s Day Heart Shaped Eggs and Toast.


To really take your Valentine’s Day breakfast to the next level, try making these Baked Bacon Roses.

Next up is our Lovers Salad. This recipe would be great for lunch or as a part of your dinner menu. To turn it into a complete meal, just add some protein to it, like some grilled chicken or a nice piece of salmon.

For dinner, try this incredible Valentine’s Branzino Dinner. It looks and tastes like a gourmet restaurant meal but can easily be made at home!


Now, for dessert, we are recommending a dessert that our friend Tamera Mowry made. Check out these Chocolate Dipped Spoons + Edible Flowers. They are so easy to make, are not too big of a portion,  look beautiful with edible flowers, and we love that she made them using vegan chocolate chips.



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by Camila Alves McConaughey