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4 Spring Salads We Love

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It's no secret that we are big fans of salads around here.... Especially salads that can be served as a main course meal.

Each of these four salads is packed with flavor and very, very, delicious. What we really love about each of these recipes is that each one has its own flavors, and you can easily turn all of them into a main course by adding some protein.

Spring Mix Apple Bleu Cheese Salad — This week in the WOT Test Kitchen we developed this super easy and very pretty Spring Mix Apple Bleu Cheese Salad. This dish is beautiful as a side salad served with any meal, but if you want to make this a main course, simply add a protein like grilled chicken or a piece of fish. GET THE RECIPE HERE! 

Roasted Sweet Potato with Quinoa + Red Lettuce — We love salads that are packed with a variety of flavor – and this one is no exception! The sweet potato, quinoa, cranberries and feta add just the right amount of texture to our fresh, crispy red lettuce base.  Make extra servings to enjoy this delicious salad as a leftover for lunch for days! GET THE RECIPE HERE! 

Basil Mint Orzo Salad — .A fresh and bright recipe, this dish will have you and others going back for more. The addition of fresh mint and basil create really beautiful summer flavors that make this dish extra delicious. GET THE RECIPE HERE! 

Savory Watermelon Salad — Bursting with flavor, this salad is easy to make and it looks beautiful on any table. GET THE RECIPE HERE! 



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by Camila Alves McConaughey