Super Bowl Recipes


Super Bowl Recipe Roundup

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Super Bowl LVI is this Sunday and you know that means we have a great menu in the works!

Super Bowl Sunday is traditionally full of not so good for you snacks — But in true WOT style, we of course are trying to make sure our menu is full of better for you options.

Keep scrolling to check out what we will be making this year.

Sheet Pan Nachos — Because it wouldn’t be Super Bowl without this classic snack. Get the recipe here! 

Better For You Spinach and Artichoke Dip — A healthier version of this delicious classic. Get the recipe here! 

Crab Stuffed Deviled Eggs — This recipe really brings out the flavor of the crab and the filling is easy to use when stuffing your deviled eggs. Get the recipe here! 

Skillet Enchilada Meatballs — This easy meal is hearty, delicious, and you can keep it extra healthy (ditch the rice), or modify it for any taste preference or allergy. Get the recipe here! 

Kibbeh Footballs — When hosting a Super Bowl viewing party, you don’t always have to serve chicken wings and pizza, so I wanted to share a recipe for a  healthier snack option. Get the recipe here! 

Camila’s Honey Chicken Wingettes — You can’t really go wrong with a wing recipe that is baked, homemade, and has very simple ingredients. Get the recipe here! 

Lettuce Wedge Bites — Perfect for your next party, these Lettuce Wedge Bites pack all the flavor of an iceberg wedge salad, but in appetizer-friendly form! Get the recipe here! 

Guacamole With Pepitas and Pomegranate Seeds —  Our friend and chef Rocco DiSpirito brings us this super easy and oh so beautiful twist on one of our Women of Today favorites, guacamole! Get the recipe here! 

Eggplant Mini Pizzas — Have you ever tried making mini pizzas with an eggplant base? It is soooo yummy and savory… Get the recipe here! 

Easy Stuffed Mushrooms With Chipotle Aioli Drizzle — If you haven’t tried making stuffed mushrooms, start with this recipe and you won’t be disappointed. Get the recipe here! 

A Healthier Hot + Creamy Crab Dip — Our friend Carmen over at Every Last Bite made this incredible Hot + Creamy Crab Dip that we can’t get enough of. Get the recipe here! 

by Camila Alves McConaughey