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Camila’s Favorite Recipes

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Wondering what Women of Today recipes are truly a hit in Camila's home and that she likes to personally make? Then keep scrolling!

Today we are rounding up seven recipes that are favorites in Camila’s house! Each of these dishes is tried, tested, and has the stamp of approval from her family.


Caesar Broccoli and Cabbage Slaw —This is a bright and flavorful twist on traditional coleslaw with this Caesar Broccoli + Cabbage Slaw! Click here for the recipe!

Yucca Fries — If you go to a restaurant in Brazil, you are pretty much guaranteed to find Yuca Fries on the menu. This snack is a Brazilian favorite in Camila’s house! Click here for the recipe! 

Camila’s Recipe For The Easiest Chicken You Will Ever Make — This recipe is so simple and it can be used for so many things. Try it on tacos, bowls, salads, pasta, or even on a sandwich. It is one of those dishes you can quickly prepare, store in the fridge, and use on-the-fly for any number of meals. Click here for the recipe! 

Chef Ming’s Grilled Garlic Shrimp with Couscous and Watercress Peach Salad — Did you know shrimp contribute to brain and heart health because of their omega-3 fatty acids? And if you prefer to make this dish vegan or vegetarian, it can also easily be modified by choosing a different kind of protein. Click here for the recipe! 

Camila’s Honey Chicken Wingettes — You can’t go wrong with a wing recipe that is baked, homemade and has very simple ingredients. Camila’s kids like this recipe pretty simple but you can always add more spices and extra seasoning depending on how your kids’ taste buds are. Click here for the recipe! 

Big Batch Beans Vegetarian or Meat Style — You can serve rice + beans on their own, vegetarian style, or throw an egg on top Brazilian style. You can add some meats that you may have in your freezer. There really isn’t a wrong way to make these! Click here for the recipe! 

Erica McConaughey’s Chunky Guacamole — Guacamole is a favorite in the McConaughey house (isn’t it everyone’s favorite?!). This recipe comes from Camila’s sister-in-law, Erica. Click here for the recipe! 

Camila’s Chicken Stroganoff — This dish has become a staple thing in Camila’s house and her kids love it just as she did growing up. This recipe is a modified version of Brazilian chicken stroganoff (which doesn’t use a slow cooker) — but the taste is very similar and this dish is a big hit in their house. Click here for the recipe!


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by Camila Alves McConaughey