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Super Bowl Menu

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The Super Bowl is this weekend and we are READY

Even if you’re not a football fan, you must admit the snacks are always the best! Check out what we have on the menu for the big day.

BBQ Stuffed Peppers: These aren’t your average stuffed peppers! GET THE RECIPE HERE

Asian Lettuce Wraps: This recipe is packed with flavor, high in protein, and best of all, keto-friendly! GET THE RECIPE HERE

Sheet Pan Nachos: Looking for an easy game day snack that can satisfy even your hungriest your guests? We got you! GET THE RECIPE HERE

Easiest Salsa Ever: This is a tried-and-true, super simple salsa recipe that will most likely have you leaving the store-bought stuff at the store! GET THE RECIPE HERE

Erica McConaughey’s Chunky Guacamole: We love this guac because it’s nice and chunky (don’t knock it till you try it), and it also calls for cucumber as a surprising (yet delicious) ingredient. GET THE RECIPE HERE

Caesar Broccoli and Cabbage Slaw: We bring you this bright and flavorful twist on traditional coleslaw with this Caesar Broccoli + Cabbage Slaw! GET THE RECIPE HERE

Lettuce Wedge Bites: Perfect for your next party, these Lettuce Wedge Bites pack all the flavor of an iceberg wedge salad, but in appetizer-friendly form! GET THE RECIPE HERE


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by Camila Alves McConaughey