Our 10 Most Clicked Recipes Ever

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You clicked, and we noticed! Today we are looking at the recipes you have loved the most on Women of Today.

Introducing (or, re-introducing) Our 10 Most Clicked Recipes Ever. These are the recipes that you love, have made, and have shared over the years. From delicious main courses to desserts and homemade recipes that Camila shared… We make these recipes on the regular and now we know you do too!

If you haven’t checked out all of these recipes yet, enjoy!

10. Cookie Dough Energy Bites — Say hello to one of our (and your!) favorite snacks, Cookie Dough Energy Bites.  Featuring just the right amount of healthy protein and sweetness (who else loves chia seeds and peanut butter as much as we do?), these crowd-pleasers will get you through long days when hunger strikes between meals! GET THE RECIPE HERE! 

9. Easy Baked Pears — Straight out of the Women of Today Test Kitchen are these Easy Baked Pears which have become a holiday season (and beyond) dessert you didn’t know you needed. Not only are they a better-for-you sweet treat, but they are also so incredibly easy to make! GET THE RECIPE HERE! 

8. Chef Kristen Kish’s Quick Veggie Bolognese + Ricotta Gnudi — Camila and Chef Kristen Kish made this dish together on Instagram LIVE and you all have been making it ever since! GET THE RECIPE HERE! 

7. Baked Halibut By The Cozy Apron — Camila initially found this recipe for Baked Halibut on The Cozy Apron, and it was a big hit with her family! We usually have a hard time cooking Halibut, but this recipe was super easy and the flavor and look of it were great! GET THE RECIPE HERE! 

6. Japanese Cucumber Salad — We love this Japanese Cucumber Salad … It’s only a few ingredients, and is healthy and flavorful. It has cucumber, which helps your body get rid of toxins. Rice vinegar which is great for your digestive system, skin and heart health. And finally sesame seeds which are great for lowering cholesterol and to help you burn fat. GET THE RECIPE HERE! 

5. One Pot Mediterranean Chicken — If you aren’t familiar with a one-pot meal, it’s an entire dish that can be made in just one pot. That’s right, it means LESS CLEANUP, and we are all about it (and turns out, so are you!). GET THE RECIPE HERE! 

4. Almond Butter Chocolate Fudge — If you are looking for a great better-for-you dessert then you must try this Almond Butter Chocolate Fudge! It’s easy to prepare, not too sweet and contains no refined sugar. It’s a great dessert to make for a party, a dinner or just to have around the house. GET THE RECIPE HERE!

3. Camila’s Guava Smoothie & Yucca Fries — If you go to a restaurant in Brazil, you are pretty much guaranteed to find Yuca Fries and something with guava on the menu. Camila shared these two recipes and you all LOVED them. GET THE RECIPE HERE! 

2. Rocco DiSpirito’s Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie —  Rocco shared with us this hit recipe that used Erythritol as a sugar substitute. Erythritol tastes sweet, is similar to table sugar and occurs naturally in some fruits and fermented foods. We love this recipe, and you all do too! It’s our most clicked dessert at WOT. GET THE RECIPE HERE! 

1. Camila’s No Mayo Coleslaw — And here it is, our NUMBER ONE most clicked recipe EVER on Women of Today! This recipe goes well with everything!! Eat it alone or enjoy it as a dish by itself! The cabbage will last you a long time in the refrigerator before you shred it, and then it will last you few days after you make this recipe. GET THE RECIPE HERE! 



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by Camila Alves McConaughey