Our Halloween Favorites

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Looking for some fun and festive Halloween recipes to celebrate the season!? We got you!

Whether the spooky season is your thing or not, there’s no denying how fun all the treats are. We love any chance to get creative in the kitchen, so today we are sharing our favorite Halloween-inspired recipes!

Halloween Cheesy Pepper Mummy Bites: These spooky pepper bites are the perfect Halloween party appetizer for kids and adults, and the best part is they come together really easily! GET THE RECIPE HERE

Apple Nachos: This super simple recipe is easy to improvise based on what YOU have in your pantry. So get creative, grab what you have, and start laying your next favorite snack! GET THE RECIPE HERE

Mummy Pretzels: Our Mummy Pretzels come together very quickly with just a few ingredients, and they are also adorable on display. GET THE RECIPE HERE

Spooky Halloween Punch: Our Spooky Halloween Punch is so simple to make and always a crowd-pleaser! GET THE RECIPE HERE

Spider Curry Deviled Eggs: A fun twist on classic deviled eggs, these festive spider-themed ones infuse the flavor of curry! GET THE RECIPE HERE 

Spiderweb Guacamole: Looking for a fun Halloween recipe that isn’t too difficult to make? We’ve got you covered with this easy Spiderweb Guacamole. GET THE RECIPE HERE

Pretzel + Cheese Witches Brooms: These String Cheese and Pretzel Witches Brooms are perfect for serving at snack time. GET THE RECIPE HERE 

Guacamole Witch: This recipe is all about assembly (which is easy by the way!). With the addition of some healthy ingredients, you can put together this festive Guacamole Witch.  GET THE RECIPE HERE 

Eyeball Meatballs: Just in time for Halloween, Camila has a fun, healthy, and spooky dinner recipe that your kids are sure to love! GET THE RECIPE HERE 

Mummy Cake: It doesn’t get more fun for Halloween than making this Mummy Cake! Bonus: It’s not hard to make! GET THE RECIPE HERE 

Pumpkin Cheese Ball: Instead of serving your regular old dip or soft cheese, try this adorable Pumpkin Cheese Ball instead. GET THE RECIPE HERE


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by Camila Alves McConaughey